It's always a good time for a new adventure.

Welcome to my tiny island in this vast digital world! This started out as a travel blog, while traveling, that lasted about as long as gelato in Florence in July. Traveling solo means your hands are full, all of the time, and you learn that whipping out a laptop on a bus in certain areas of the world will gain you strange looks at best, and just seems like a downright absurd and dangerous idea at worst. Besides, those bus rides are meant to be soaked up as part of the experience. I will admit, without shame, that gazing out the windows of the train speeding through southern France was bliss and I was more than happy to leave my laptop in its bag.

So what is this about? It’s part travel blog – I do write prolifically while traveling, though it’s usually quick observations, late night ramblings, and a heavy dose of reminding myself what the hell I’m doing - ie, not exactly blog format. This space takes those writings and makes them semi-coherent for any one who is thinking about traveling, wants to travel, or loves those random stories that prove truth is often stranger than fiction. 

It’s also travel tips, hints, and information on my favorite places – as well as my planning notes for where I want to go next and those odd and fun things I stumble across while helping others with their travel questions and plans. It’s random news and human interest stories coming out of places I have an interest in, and my take on them. It’s the books I read – beware if asking for recommendations – that spark my interest in a place, a people, a culture. It’s me trying to put into words why I do what I do, why I love what I love, and why this world does not frighten or intimidate me. (Okay, most of it doesn’t frighten me. We’ll get into the parts that do as I beg all of you experienced travelers to reassure me and ask your advice  on traveling to the places that intimidate me, and therefore, must visit).

In short, its my place to capture what I hold dear about this world, and I thank you for kindly indulging my vanity, allowing me to impart lessons learned, wonder aloud, and ask you to share your experiences and insight. Hopefully some of this will motivate others to do the same – travel, blog, share, and most of all, dare to say yes to the paths that call them. Welcome to my path, and though it is not the most frequented of routes, I hope you’ll stay and walk a bit with me. You never quite know where you’ll end up, but I promise, it’s always worth it.

With curiosity and courage,